Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Right to Work

Alright, so I have to chime on in this whole "Right to Work" issue. I contemplated all day yesterday whether I should post something on Facebook or not, because I didn't want to stir up any issues. I have many friends that are anti-union and many that are pro-union. But I figure that you come on here to read my opinion anyways, so I will blog about it.

At one time, the unions were incredibly important. They were placed to protect the workers of companies and make sure they received fair pay and benefits, but also kept them safe. There are now programs put in place to keep workers safe and I believe that unions have served it's purpose, and either need to be restructured or gone away.

I am all for our police officer and firemen unions. These men and women risk their lives everyday for us and I don't think they get paid enough to do what they do. I believe that teachers unions are good to a point, but they protect way too many lazy teachers that have tenure. Also, shame on all those teachers yesterday that called off to go picket Lansing and schools had to shut down. You became a teacher to teach children, and those schools had to call a day off because of your pride. Shame.

I believe automotive unions are one of the reasons why our automotive industry is in the tank right now. I believe that too many people got greedy for too long now. The automotive unions protect those who should have lost jobs, pay too much for meaningless jobs, and feed the pockets of the hungry, greedy union bosses.

For those so called peaceful union members that attacked the Right to work supporters yesterday...I just don't understand this. You always hear that Democrats are the peaceful side and Republicans are the hateful side. I am not standing up for one or the other; but the anti-Republican, pro-union people that attacked others yesterday should be ashamed. This country is beautiful because we have the right to stand up for what we believe in and say what we think is right, but when you start attacking other people, that is horrible. This shows that you are anti-American, don't stand for what is right in this country, and anti-freedom of speech.

So, I am not anti-union, if anything I believe that our unions need a restructuring, a face-lift per say. I know this is just my opinion, but I hope my opinion does not offend anybody.

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