Friday, May 11, 2012

The Coming

The Lord is coming!

There is a statement that should put us as Christians in a state of movement right off the bat! What are we doing standing around just waiting for the next coming? If we know the Lord is coming soon, why are we not telling as many about Christ as possible? Why are we not living as the Lord wants us to live?

If I went to Heaven right now, I would not want to stand in front of my Heavenly Father with the sins on my heart. We need to ask for daily forgiveness for our sins. We need to live as Christ commanded us. Jesus gave the disciples and us the Great Commission to tell others about Him. Matthew 28:19 says to go tell the "WORLD" about Him. The disciples at the time didn't know the extent of the world, so Christ was speaking to us too.

Everyday I read more stuff on Facebook or on Yahoo about Wars, deaths, gay marriage, abortion, etc. and it saddens my heart that the world has moved so far off course. But I can't let it sadden me, it should only make me stronger to tell more people about the saving grace of my Father.

Don't let your life just pass on by, do what you can to survive each day and let the day float by. Use every moment of your life to live for your Father, because we don't have much time left.