Monday, December 10, 2012

Resurrection Sign Miracle

The Resurrection of Jesus was truly the greatest miracle of all time. John uses many miracles through the book of John to show the signs that Jesus Christ is the Messiah. Some of these miracles are turning water into wine, feeding thousands or healing the blind man. All of these miracles show how Christ is God and show His deity. There is no greater way to show the deity of Christ than the resurrection. No other man or being in history has done this act, and no other will. On Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry, they put the resurrection as a miracle, but in three different ways. “It is either a Biological Miracle, A psychological miracle or a theological miracle.”1 In each of these ways, Jesus shows He was above Biology, above what we might think to be normal and above any theological debate. Christ showed His true deity as being God's son through this act.

Imagine the delight on the disciples faces when they saw the Lord after the resurrection. In John 20:20 it says “...the disciples were overjoyed when they saw the Lord.” I would assume that they were not just overjoyed but shocked! Jesus was showing Himself to the disciples so that they would go on and continue His ministry. They needed to know He was Messiah. Many of them didn't even understand Christ's teachings until they either saw His empty grave or in the Upper room. (John 20:8) Max Lucado puts it good when he says “Each of the Gospel accounts makes one thing very clear: Jesus's followers were not expecting anything to happen on that Resurrection morning.”2 Jesus needed to still prove His deity to the ones He spent the most time with.

Do you still need convincing of Christ's deity? What further proof does our world need today? This is not just a fairy tale, this is real.

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