Wednesday, March 14, 2012

True Happiness

This week I am starting my next 2 classes: Evangelism and Youth Ministry! I am extremely excited to start these next 2 classes, and I am just happy that I don't have to take any more math. One of my assignments for Evangelism is to Witness to a unbeliever and write about the experience and outcome. One of my assignments for Youth is to go to a Youth secular "hot-spot" and write about their interaction and the experience. I am SOOOOO excited to get started with these classes.

While beginning to read through my evangelism course, I read a sentence that says: "Deep happiness never comes through focusing on yourself. It is the result of living a life centered on God and directed toward others." Reading through this I think to myself if I am directing my life toward others. God has placed me in a secular workplace for a reason, and am I placing my direction in the right place or am I doing what I need to do to squeak by?

Also, I am wondering to myself the last time I have led someone to the Lord. It has been such a long time. It is the most awesome feeling when you get to lead someone to the Lord. You feel exhilerated, joyous and excited. The Bible even says in Luke 15:10 that the angels rejoice when one sinner has repented. I want to feel that happiness and rejoicing again.

Where is my focus? What direction am I going and how can I change that direction to better other peoples lives? My prayer is that my focus will change to other people. Less about me and more about the people around me. Where is your focus? Where is your direction?


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